How Vera Works: Our Partnership with Plastic Bank

Eva Gutierrez

March 1, 2020

Vera is built on transparency—our goal from the very start has been to create a membership that people can trust has an impact. 

We’ve been able to leverage blockchain technology to figure out exactly how many plastic items (bottles, containers, packaging, etc.) our members are able to prevent from going into the ocean. Through our partnership with Plastic Bank, Vera is able to stop plastic from going into the ocean and give people in impoverished countries ongoing work.

Here’s how Vera is able to prevent plastic from entering the ocean, use blockchain to track our efforts, and show each member how much plastic they’ve helped stay out of the ocean.

How we prevent plastic from ever entering the oceans

Vera partners with Plastic Bank to connect with people in impoverished coastal areas in need of work. Without waste-collecting systems, there’s no process for stopping ocean-bound plastic.

Our partnership with Plastic Bank employs people in Haiti, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

At the end of the workday, the collected plastic is brought to Plastic Bank stores—which is where the blockchain comes in.

Once the plastic is brought to a Plastic Bank store, employees in Haiti, the Philippines, and Indonesia are able to trade the plastic for digital currency. This digital currency is the reason we’re able to keep Vera’s plastic offset entirely transparent—we know exactly what was prevented from entering the ocean each day, month, and year thanks to the donations from our Vera members.

The plastic taken to the Plastic Bank store is recycled and repurposed. If it’s not able to be recycled, it’s brought to a low-emission waste management facility.

The ledger between Vera and Plastic Bank is available for you to view, and is updated monthly. You’ll always have access to this page as a Vera member so you can watch your donations go directly to Plastic Bank, where we’re able to employ those in need of work and keep plastic from reaching the ocean.

Visualizing how much plastic you've prevented from entering the ocean.

When you sign up as a business member, you’ll get your very own profile page where you can track your offset progress, and share with the world. The progress number automatically gets updated each day, so you’ll always know the impact you're making. Businesses also get a Vera-Certified badge that they can display on their website and have it link to their profile page.

Here’s what the profile page for CVG looks like:

View other businesses using Vera to offset their plastic footprints.

Personal accounts get a monthly email showing how much plastic has been stopped from reaching the ocean thanks to all Vera members. We encourage our members to screenshot this and share it with their friends and family to show the positive impact they’ve helped make to the oceans and marine life around the world.