Vera Partners with Sofar Ocean

Eva Gutierrez

September 14, 2020

We’re proud to announce our newest Vera-Certified member Sofar Ocean, who will be offsetting 21,000 plastic items from entering the ocean every month.


Sofar’s mission is to connect the world’s oceans to provide insights to science, society and industry for a more sustainable planet. They build accessible ocean sensing and exploration tools for ocean conservation movements and to help the global shipping industry meet decarbonisation goals. 


Sofar’s technology helps power innovative research and conservation initiatives across a diverse set of applications. For example, Aqualink has built a global system to monitor/protect sensitive coral reef environments. While Natural Resources Canada and the University of Quebec are using Sofar Spotter buoys to measure glacier melts and ice flows in the Arctic Ocean (image above). 


Through Sofar Ocean’s monthly contribution, Vera will be able to prevent 21,000 plastic items from entering the ocean every month, while employing people in Haiti, the Philippines, and Indonesia. 


To verify that these plastic items are being taken out of ocean-bound plastic, Vera works on a blockchain system that shows exactly how many plastic items are delivered to stores that are able to repurpose this plastic. Plastic that can’t be repurposed is sent to recycling centers or low-emission waste facilities, thanks to our partnership with Plastic Bank.


As plastic continues to find its way into our oceans, at the rate of 8 million metric tons per year, companies like Sofar are ensuring our oceans remain a habitable place for wildlife, and all the other natural resources humans require for our survival.

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